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Definition of Terms


It is the physical space that you rent on a server where you can store all the information on your web page and that allows your site to be visible among Internet users. The job of hosting is to store data on a server.


It is the web address of your page on the Internet.  It is a unique name worldwide where in most cases the www.  It is what we know as url (Uniform Resource Locator). These mostly end in .com, but there are also multiple options such as: .net, .org, .info, .store, .shoo, among others.

SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer, for its acronym in English. It is a Digital Security Protocol which validates the identity of a website and enables an encrypted connection. Which means, it establishes a trusted environment to keep your data and information safe and private.

Market Research 

What is it?

Market research is the process that comprises  the actions of identification, collection and analysis of data to improve decision-making.

Market research reveals what they are going to find in that market that the entrepreneur wants to impact.  Launching a business without knowing the target market increases the probability of failure due to lack of preparation, structure, promotion or other aspects.  


It is important to know that our goal is to satisfy the needs of the clients to impact.  A company that directs its marketing to only sell its products or offer its services without knowing the market need, it is very likely that it will have to close operations soon.  


That is why market research comes to "put companies' feet on the ground", causing the development of the best market practices.  Designing market strategies consistent with the results of the research and in compliance with the goals set.  This is a win-win.

Investigación de Mercado
Cuatro Partes de Investigacion de Mercado


Market Research 


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